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GC, RW (CFA) Kobano I`m Goody


color brown spotted tabby white SH exotic
sir CH Calivan`s Sgt Pepper of Kobano
dam CH Kobano Face Control

23 Best cat in Championship, CFA season 2015-2016 (region 9 Europe)
4 Best adult exotic in Championship,CFA season 2015-2016 (region 9 Europe)
Best brown tabby &white National Award

Pedigree 192m 193m




color: brown tabby SH exotic
sir: GC, NW Maradan Big Luciano of Aviance
dam: CH Calivan`s Tuff Tabitha of Aviance, DM
Yuri was showing by myself
at CFA Show 1-2 september, 2012,
Chatter Noir Club, Moscow, Russia.
picture from show i, Yuri and Pam DelaBar (judge CFA  AB, Finland)




CH CFA Calivan`s Sgt.Pepper of Kobano

Pepper m

color: black-white van SH exotic
sir: GC NW Heida I Luv Rock N`Roll, DM
dam: GC Calivan Preety Woman, DM


photo: 7 years

Pepper  is sir for many sweet kittens.
We are proudly present some of them  (GC CFA, GP CFA, RW, DM)
1. GC CFA RW Calivan`s Boy Toy of Aviance
2. GC CFA Calivan`s Ringo Star
3. CH,GP CFA Calivan`s Zeus
4. GC CFA Calvan`s Sugar Daddy of Folie Rouge
5. GP CFA Calivan`s Courtney
6. GP CFA  Calivan`s Buddy Holly
7. CH, GP CFA Calivan`s Studmaffin
8. CH Calivan`s Taxi Dancer of Arrow, DM
9. GC CFA Kobano Boy Toy of Baby Bear
10. GC CFA  Kobano Monte of Emperorz
11. GC CFA Kobano Holiday (stay)
12. GC, RW CFA Kobano I`m Goody (stay)
13. GC CFA Kobano Sweet Bottom of FurrShurr

Grandpointed CFA:
1. CH CFA Kobano Big Ben  of MineLove (grandpointed)
2. CH CFA Kobano Anthony Hopkins of WinnStar (grandpointed)
3. CH CFA Kobano Big Bubble of Himekami (grandpointed)
4. CH CFA Kobano Stop! Don't Panic! of Toxicate (grandpointed)
Award TICA:
1. RW, SGC (TICA) Kobano My Sweetness of Sherezada-Best Exotic kitten 2013 South America region, 2 best AB kitten in Colombia, and  he is also 5 best AB kitten Nationality South America region TICA


Sazaterra Wi-Fi

Sazaterra Wifi of Kobano m

color: red pure persian male
sir GC CFA Suavere Jackpot of Sazaterra
Dam CH CFA Vitas Little Tess (mother and father of Tess from Steeplechase cattery)

picture at 6 month